This website is the online archive of work by Eric Ellis. I am the senior designer at Fuzzco in Charleston South Carolina, and participant in the Typographic Summer School in New York. The work on this site is organized chronologically, with the most recent work being at the top.

☴ Laundry
Aug. 2016

A display typeface loosely based on a piece of old signage adorning a defunct laundry service on Meeting street in Charleston. The original signage featured blocky collegiate-like letters with all curves as right-angles. My version pays tribute to these original letters while adding in a bit more character and variation.

☃ Baggu
Aug. 2016

I wrote and typeset a series of concrete-poetry inspired poems which will be included with online orders, and given out in store.

☶ Futura Demi Slab
Aug. 2016

Experimental typeface developed in an hour or less as part of the Typographic Summer School workshop.

☼ AIR Serenbe ID
May 2016

(With Fuzzco) Identity for a artist in residency program based in the Chatahochee Hills of central Georgia. The mark depicts a uniquely configured building constructed by the Rural Studio project. The shifting elevation provided a unique framework for setting type.

☂ Jason Lewis Furniture
Sept. 2015

(With Fuzzco) Identity refresh for Chicago-based furniture artisan, Jason Lewis. We also worked with Jason to develop a small selection of collateral.

☻ Content Candor
Aug. 2015

(With Fuzzco) Identity and website design for a boutique real estate development firm based in Charleston. Content Candor specializes in transforming ancient buildings into brightly lit, warm modern spaces.

☽ Jazz Night
Jun. 2015

Event poster for a night of jazz LPs at the Faculty Lounge.

☹ Move Loot
Jun. 2015

(With Fuzzco) Website for an San Francisco based startup that wanted to make buying/selling furniture easier on Craigslist.

Jun. 2015

(With Fuzzco) Website for international streetwear brand.

☾ Nelson Cache
Jun. 2015

An interactive open-ended identity. The logo has a built in WYSIWYG editor that makes it possible for anyone to produce their own unique version. Developed with Nelson Cash.

☿ God Damn Your Eyes
May 2012

A poster with a lyric from a Destroyer song titled "The Bad Arts"