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the year is almost over and not to soon. if anyone is still checking this site I just thought i would let everyone know this. I heard from reliable sources that the skatepark will be torn out in the spring. So my advice to all u is to keep it clean, keep the pot out of there, and keep your drinking to another spot. Its not all the loiterers causing problems the skaters are to blame also. If you dont think so ask yourself this, have I smoked weed there? have I sold weed there? did I get drunk there? did I fight there? If so you are also to blame for this. I dont honestly see any responsable skaters out there to protect this park. So when its gone and you say “man it isnt fair” to me I will just tell u i told u so. -shane

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If you arent on this list Im sorry. These people need to be thanked for the countless hours of skating and dedication to the shop. ryan lindsey, corey lugton, lee, boomer, zach pope, eric ellis (morgan too), stephen brown, allen masey, nick darby, canniff, shawn cohan, sean cook, Matt Conner, greg brown, leslie and elliot hamilton, drew w., tristan (both), PJ(?), scotty and everyone from sullivan, Jon Griffon, jake sigmon (and his dad), jakes mom, marcus (my big black), blake, joe, Mobley, everyone that rocked the EARDELI grip I made, kirby, colin and the dozens of other kids that came thru.

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The shop is cleaned out and the register has opened for the last time. This has been a wonderful journey and I hope someone else finds that the skateshop venture is worth their time also. I never set out to make the shop what it became, I just wanted to do it for one year. We brought Decatur its first real skateshop for the skaters. Action Sportshop was here before us but needed to be taken in a different direction for a long time. They still catered to the skaters needs and gave all of us old dudes a place to go. We started in a crappy old building with terrible heat and a string of break-ins. After 7 years there we moved to the current location, with a jump in rent and more space than we could actually use we decided to build it up. After filling up the shop with product we started on the mini park in the basement. One year of private sessions and the word was out. Eventually consuming all the basement. Six and a half years later we are at this present time, I still dont want to believe that the shop is over. I hope all of you find a positive direction to go and try to make a diffence in whatever it is you do. (not only at skateboarding) Its time for the younger generation to take control of the skate scene and do something worthwhile. In spite of any of the differences any of us have had its more important to remember where we started, skaters and friends. I really wish none of this ever had to be said and everything would stay the same but it doesnt. Please try to keep the skatepark a skatepark.